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Midweek Football Coverage
1983/84 - 1987/88

The list below only includes highlights of domestic league clubs in action. For international tournaments (including qualifiers and international friendlies) click on the World Cup button. Cup finals (and European finals) are dealt with and afforded more detail on the Cup final page. For the 1983/84 - 1987/88 weekend games on ITV go here.

InternationalsCup Finals 1983/84 - 1988/89European finals 1983/84 - 1988/89

Entries in grey are BBC games. ITV games are in white.

*Viewers in Scotland would probably have had their own commentator for televised European ties involving Scottish teams. BBC Scotland, STV and Grampian also had their own midweek sport shows and so most of the games listed below would not have been seen North of the border.

Season 1983/84
31/Aug    No football scheduled
07/Sep    No football scheduled
14/Sep    [European R1 L1] *unknown tie, but definitely not Man U or Forest
21/Sep    Internationals
28/Sep    Watford 3 (Richardson 2, Meizer(og)) Kaiserslautern 0 [UEFA Cup R1 L2] *John Motson, Watford win 4-3 on agg
05/Oct    Brentford 1 (Roberts) Liverpool 4 (Rush 2, Robinson, Souness) [League Cup R2 1L] *Martin Tyler, Liverpool won 2nd leg 4-0
                    Extended 7 min report by Peter Brackley on Tuesday's Wimbledon 2 Nottingham Forest 0 [LC R2 L1] was shown on Thursday's "Thames Sport".
12/Oct    Internationals
19/Oct    Liverpool 0 Athletic Bilbao 0 [Europena Cup R2 L1] *Barry Davies (RT)
              Tottenham Hotspur 4 (Archibald 2, Galvin 2) Feyenoord 2 (Cruyff, Neilson) [UEFA Cup R2 L1] *John Motson
26/Oct    Lincoln City 2 (Thomas, Jack(pen)) Tottenham Hotspur 1 (Falco) [League Cup R2 L2] *John Helm, Spurs win 4-3 on agg, + International
02/Nov   Athletic Bilbao 0 Liverpool 1 (Rush) [European Cup R2 2L] *Martin Tyler, Liverpool win 1-0 on agg
               Feyenoord 0 Tottenham Hotspur 2 (Hughton, Galvin) [UEFA Cup R2 L2] *Peter Brackley, 6-2 Spurs agg, serious crowd trouble at this one, not 100%
09/Nov    *a strike at the BBC blacked out "Sportsnight" and coverage of Ipswich Town v QPR [League Cup]
16/Nov    Internationals
23/Nov    Nottingham Forest 0 Celtic 0 [UEFA Cup R3 L1] *Barry Davies (shown live in Scotland with Archie MacPherson & Denis Law comm)
                    also national 5-a-side & goals reports from Spurs and Watford games
30/Nov    Oxford United 1 (McDonald) Manchester United 1 (Hughes) [League Cup R4] *John Motson
07/Dec    Celtic 1 (MacLeod) Nottingham Forest 2 (Hodge, Walsh) [UEFA Cup R3 2L] *Forest win 2-1 on agg, Jock Brown (at least for Scottish viewers)
               Tottenham Hotspur 2 (Archibald, Falco) Bayern Munich 0 [UEFA Cup R3 2L] *Peter Brackley, Spurs win 2-1 on agg
                     and possibly Sparta Prague 4 Watford 0
14/Dec    International
19/Dec    Oxford United 2 (Lawrence, Biggins) Manchester United 1 (Graham) [League Cup R4 2nd Re] *Peter Brackley, late Mon 11:50pm, apparently Robert Maxwell paid Central to cover this game
28/Dec    No football scheduled
04/Jan     No football scheduled
11/Jan     Norwich City 3 (Channon, Mendham, Bertschin) Aston Villa 0 [FA Cup R3 Replay] *Barry Davies
18/Jan     Oxford United 1 (McDonald) Everton 1 (Heath) [League Cup QF] *John Motson
                    Tuesday Sheff Wed 2 Lpool 2 & Norwich 0 Villa 2 [LC QF's] have Tyler & Brackley on them, perhaps these were shown abroad
25/Jan     Liverpool 3 (Rush 2, Robinson) Sheffield Wednesday 0 [LC QF Replay] *Alan Parry. No football scheduled for Sportsnight but this game was included
01/Feb    Norwich City 2 (Van Wyk, Channon) Tottenham Hotspur 1 (Falco) [FA Cup R4 Replay] *Martin Tyler, this was a late addition to the MWSS bill which only scheduled boxing.
07/Feb    Liverpool 2 (Whelan 2) Walsall 2 (Neal(og), Summerfield) [League Cup SF L1] *John Motson for Tuesday "Cup Soccer Special"
14/Feb    Walsall 0 Liverpool 2 (Rush, Whelan) [League Cup SF L2] *Peter Brackley, Central & Granada only "Football Special" Tuesday 11:30pm, 4-2 Lpool on agg
15/Feb    Everton 2 (Sheedy, Richardson) Aston Villa 0 [League Cup SF L1] *Brian Moore
22/Feb    Aston Villa 1 (Rideout) Everton 0 [League Cup SF L2] *Everton through 2-1 on agg, Peter Brackley
28/Feb    Home International
07/Mar    Liverpool 1 (Rush) Benfica 0 [European Cup QF L1] *John Motson
                    footage of Spurs v Austria Wien with Barry Davies was off-tube, goals from Barcelona 2 Man Utd 0 also shown
14/Mar    Derby County 0 Plymouth Argyle 1 (Rogers) [FA Cup QF Replay] *Barry Davies (only boxing billed but this game was also included)
21/Mar   Manchester United 3 (Robson 2, Stapleton) Barcelona 0 [ECWC QF L2] *Martin Tyler, Utd win 3-2 on agg
28/Mar   League Cup Final Replay (See Cup Finals page), BBC had 6-a-side on Tuesday with Tony Gubba
04/Apr    Home International
11/Apr    Manchester United 1 (Davies) Juventus 1 (Rossi) [ECWC SF L1] *Martin Tyler, Utd lost 2nd leg 2-1
               Liverpool 1 (Lee) Dinamo Bucharest 0 [European Cup SF L1] *Peter Brackley, Liverpool won 2nd leg 2-1
18/Apr    "Sportsnight" included international action
25/Apr    Tottenham Hotspur 1 (Hazard) Hajduk Split 0 [UEFA Cup SF L2] *John Motson, 2-2 agg Spurs win on away goals
               Juventus 2 Manchester United 1 [ECWC SF L2] *Barry Davies, Juventus win 3-2 on agg

Season 1984/85
22/Aug    BBC1 showing vintage MOTD games for 20th anniversary of the programme
29/Aug    No football scheduled
05/Sep    No football scheduled
12/Sep    International
19/Sep    Manchester United 3 (Hughes, Moran, Robson) Rába Gyor 0 [UEFA Cup R1 L1] *Martin Tyler, 2nd leg drawn 2-2
               Nottingham Forest 0 Club Brugge 0 [UEFA Cup R1 L1] *Brugge won 2nd leg 1-0
               Wrexham 1 (Steel) Porto 0 [ECWC R1 L1] *Hugh Johns. LIVE on S4C as "Pêl-droed", Nick Parry comm (in Welsh). 2nd leg lost 3-4. Wrexham won on away goals
26/Sep    Halifax Town 1 (Gallagher) Tottenham Hotspur 5 (Falco 2, Crooks 3) [League Cup R1 L1] *Barry Davies, Football billed for both channels in Mirror, ITV likely just news round-up
03/Oct    Liverpool 4 (Wark 3, Walsh) Lech Poznan 0 [European R1 L2] *Barry Davies, Liverpool through 5-0 on agg
10/Oct    Nottingham Forest 3 (Hodge, Wigley, Gunn) Portsmouth 0 [League Cup R2 2L] *Peter Brackley, AET, Forest through 3-1 on agg
               Crystal Palace 0 Sunderland 0 [League Cup R2 L2] *Martin Tyler, Sunderland through 2-1 on agg
17/Oct    Internationals
24/Oct    Liverpool 3 (Rush 3) Benfica 1 (Diemantino) [European R2 L1] *John Motson, Benfica won 2nd leg 1-0 (Lpool through on agg)
               Queens Park Rangers 6 (Gregory, Fereday, Stainrod, Neill, Bannister 2) Partizan Belgrade 2 (Klincarski, Mance) [UEFA Cup R2 L1]
                    *Alan Parry, played at Highbury because UEFA wouldn't allow tie to be played on plastic pitch (QPR lost 2nd leg 4-0)
31/Oct    Oxford United 3 (Aldridge, Hamilton, Langen) Arsenal 2 (Rix, Allinson) [League Cup R3] *Alan Parry
               Tottenham Hotspur 1 (Allen) Liverpool 0 [League Cup R3] *Barry Davies (Lpools first defeat in LC since 1980!!!)
07/Nov   Manchester United 1 (Strachan(pen)) PSV Eindhoven 0 [UEFA Cup R2 L2] *AET, United win 1-0 on agg, Martin Tyler
                    Wrexham 0 Roma 1 (Graziani) [ECWC R2 L2] has Hugh Johns comm - poss shown on MWSS but only one game billed, maybe Wales only.
14/Nov   Internationals
21/Nov   Chelsea 4 (Dixon 3, K.Jones) Manchester City 1 (Smith) [League Cup R4] *Barry Davies
               Sunderland 0 Tottenham Hotspur 0 [League Cup R4] *John Motson
28/Nov   Manchester United 2 (Strachan(pen), Robson) Dundee United 2 (Hegarty, Sturrock) [UEFA Cup R3 L1] *Martin Tyler, ?+Spurs 2 B. Prague 0?
05/Dec    Tottenham Hotspur 1 (Roberts(pen)) Sunderland 2 (Walker, Chisholm) [League Cup R4 Replay] *John Motson
12/Dec    Dundee United 2 (Dodds, Hegarty) Manchester United 3 (McGinnis(og), Hughes, Muhren) [UEFA Cup R3 L2] *John Motson, agg 4-5
               Celtic 0 Rapid Vienna 1 (Pacult) [ECWC R2 L2 Rematch] *Barry Davies, at Old Trafford after incident at original L2 tie, goalkeeper attacked in this re-match and player kicked by fan
19/Dec    No football scheduled
26/Dec    No football scheduled
02/Jan     No football scheduled
09/Jan     Newcastle United 1 (Waddle) Nottingham Forest 3 (Davenport(pen), Bowyer, Christie) [FA Cup R3 Replay] *AET, Peter Brackley
16/Jan     Grimsby Town 0 Norwich City 1 (Deehan) [League Cup QF] *Martin Tyler
               Juventus 2 (Boniek 2) Liverpool 0 [Super Cup] *single match tie played in Turin, Peter Brackley
23/Jan     Watford 0 Sunderland 1 (Walker) [League Cup QF] *Peter Brackley (Tyler comm on Charlton v Spurs [FA Cup] may be off-tube for On the Ball)
30/Jan     Sheffield Wednesday 4 (Lyons, Chapman, Marwood, Sterland(pen)) Chelsea 4 (Canoville 2, Dixon, Thomas) [League Cup QF Replay] AET *Tony Gubba (Chelsea 3-0 down at HT)
               Wimbledon 1 (Fishenden) Nottingham Forest 0 [FA Cup R4 Replay] *John Motson
06/Feb    Chelsea 2 (Speedie, Thomas) Sheffield Wednesday 1 (Shelton) [League Cup QF 2nd Replay] *Peter Brackley
13/Feb    Sunderland 2 (West 2(1pen)) Chelsea 0 [League Cup SF L1] *Barry Davies
20/Feb    Possibly Liverpool 7 (Wark 3, Whelan 2, Neal, Walsh) York City 0 [FA Cup R5 Replay]*Mirror bills cup-tie, scheduled LC SF L2 was pp'd
27/Feb    International
06/Mar    Tottenham Hotpsur 0 Real Madrid 1 (Perryman(og)) [UEFA Cup QF L1] *Martin Tyler, 2nd leg was 0-0
                Norwich City 2 (Deehan, Bruce) Ipswich Town 0 [League Cup SF L2] *Gerry Harrison, Norwich win 2-1 on agg
                Everton 3 (Gray 3) Fortuna Sittard 0 [ECWC QF L1]  *Peter Brackley, Everton also won 2nd leg 2-0
13/Mar    Luton Town 1 (Stein) Millwall 0 [FA Cup QF] *John Motson, Millwall fans rioted, tearing out seats and throwing them at the police
                Ipswich Town 0 Everton 1 (Sharp(pen)) [FA Cup QF Replay] *Barry Davies
20/Mar    Liverpool 4 (Walsh 2, Nicol, Obermayer(og)) Austria Vienna 1 (Prohaska) [European QF L2] *John Motson, agg 5-2
                + Videoton 1 Man Utd 0 offtube with Tony Gubba, but about 10 mins shown., Videoton won on pens, also a profile of Terry Venables
27/Mar    International
03/Apr    International (Off air tape of closing titles suggests Barry Davies did a report on Spurs 1 Everton 2)
10/Apr    Liverpool 4 (Wark, Rush 2, Beglin) Panathinaikos 0 [European Cup SF L1] *Barry Davies
               Bayern Munich 0 Everton 0 [ECWC SF L1] *John Motson
17/Apr    Manchester United 2 (Robson, Hughes) Liverpool 1 (McGrath(og)) [FA Cup SF Replay] *at Maine Road, Brian Moore
24/Apr    Everton 3 (Sharp, Gray, Steven) Bayern Munich 1 (Hoeness) [ECWC SF L2] *Martin Tyler, Everton win 3-1 on agg
               Panathinaikos 0 Liverpool 1 (Lawrenson) [European Cup SF L2]
01/May    Internationals

Brian Moore hosting the 16th January 1985 edition of "Midweek Sports Special"

Season 1985/86
Negotiations between TV companies and the Football League remained deadlocked throughout the first half of the season, there was no TV coverage of English clubs (apart from newsreels) until January 1986. This did however turn out to be the first season in which league matches could be shown in midweek.
18/Sep    Glasgow Rangers 1 Osasuna 0 [UEFA R1 L1] *Peter Brackley, Rangers lost L2 0-2
               Atletico Madrid 1 Celtic 1 [ECWC R1 L1] *Martin Tyler, Celtic lost L2 1-2
02/Oct    Bangor City 0 Fredrikstad 0 [ECWC R1 L2] *S4C highlights 10:50-11:20pm, 1-1 agg, Bangor through on away goals
23/Oct    Bangor City 0 Atletico Madrid 2 [ECWC R2 L1] *Martin Tyler, Atletico also won L2 1-0
               Servette 0 Aberdeen 0 [European Cup R2 L1] *Aberdeen won L2 1-0
               Hammarby 3 St Mirren 3 [UEFA Cup R2 L1] *St Mirren lost 2nd leg 1-2
               Dundee United 2 Vardar Skopje 0 [UEFA Cup R2 L1] *Arthur Montford (at least for STV), L2 drawn 1-1
27/Nov    *Possibly UEFA Cup R3 L1 action but Guardian & Irish Times bill news round-up only
11/Dec    Real Madrid 4 Borussia Moenchengladbach 0 [UEFA Cup R3 L2] *Martin Tyler, this must have been a late change as a snooker programme was biiled, not MWSS. Madrid won away goals.
08/Jan     Tottenham Hotspur 2 (Waddle, C.Allen) Oxford United 1 (Aldridge) [FA Cup R3 Replay] *Peter Brackley
15/Jan     *MWSS due to show LC QF tie but they were PP'd due to teams involved playing FA Cup ties instead
22/Jan     Queens Park Rangers 1 (Byrne) Chelesa 1 (Nevin) [League Cup QF] *John Motson for "Sports Special"
               Aston Villa 1 (Glover) Arsenal 1 (Nicholas) [League Cup QF] *Barry Davies
29/Jan     Chelsea 0 Queens Park Rangers 2 (McDonald, Robinson) [League Cup QF Replay] *Peter Brackley + international
04/Feb    Arsenal 1 Aston Villa 2 [League Cup QF Replay] *Barry Davies, played Tuesday and brief highlights shown on Wednesday "Sportsnight"
11/Feb    Everton 4 (Lineker 3, Sharp) Manchester City 0 *Martin Tyler, Central were due to cover Villa v Oxford [LCSFL1] but it was PP'd
12/Feb    LIVE - Queens Park Rangers 1 (Fenwick) Liverpool 0 [League Cup SF L1] *Barry Davies
19/Feb    *BBC scheduled to show an FA Cup R5 Replay but they were all PP'd, Villa v Oxford LCSFL1 was also PP'd again (showed off-tune international instead)
25/Feb    *MWSS billed soccer, probably Villa v Oxford LC SF L1 which was PP'd yet again
26/Feb    Derby County 1 (Davison) Sheffield Wednesday 1 (Christie(og)) [FA Cup R5] *John Motson, plus internationals
04/Mar    Aston Villa 2 (Birch, Stainrod) Oxford Utd 2 (Aldridge 2(1pen)) [League Cup SF L1] *Central/Thames only from 11:35pm, Peter Brackley
               Tottenham Hotspur 1 (Falco) Everton 2 (Heath, Lineker) [FA Cup R5] *John Motson (sched as BBC Sunday live game on 16/Feb but PP'd)
05/Mar    LIVE - Liverpool 2 (McMahon, Johnston) Queens Park Rangers 2 (Whelan(og), Gillespie(og)) [League Cup SF 2L] *Moore & St John, QPR win 3-2 on agg
               West Ham United 1 (McAvennie) Manchester United 1 (Stapleton) [FA Cup R5] *Tony Gubba,
               Aberdeen 2 (Miller, Hewitt) Gothenburg 2 (Holgrem, Ekström) [EC QF L1] *Archie MacPherson
                Barcelona 1 (Julio Alberto) Juventus 0 [EC QF L1] *Barry Davies
12/Mar    Sheffield Wednesday 2 (Worthington, Shutt) West Ham United 1 (Cottee) [FA Cup QF] *John Motson
                Everton 1 (Lineker) Luton Town 0 [FA Cup QF Replay] *Tony Gubba
                Oxford United 2 (Phillips, Charles) Aston Villa 1 (Walters) [League Cup SF L2] *Barry Davies, Oxford through 4-3 on agg
19/Mar    Gothenburg 0 Aberdeen 0 [EC QF L2] *Martin Tyler 2-2 on agg, Gothenburg win on away goals
                Juventus 1 (Platini) Barcelona 1 (Archibald) [EC QF L2] *Peter Brackley, Barce win 2-1 on agg
26/Mar    Internationals
31/Mar    Manchester United 0 Everton 0 *Barry Davies (First MOTD on an Easter Monday)
               Liverpool 2 (McMahon 2) Manchester City 0 *John Motson
               Brighton & Hove Albion 2 (Saunders, O'Regan) Portsmouth 3 (Quinn 2(1pen), Hilaire) *Tony Gubba
02/Apr    Nottingham Forest 2 (Metgod, Rice) West Ham United 1 (Cottee) *Tony Gubba
               Gothenburg 3 (Nilsson 2, Holmgren) Barcelona 0 [EC SF L1] *Barry Davies
09/Apr    Manchester United 1 (Olsen(pen)) Chelsea 2 (Dixon 2) *Peter Brackley
               Norwich City 0 Sunderland 0 *Gerry Harrison
16/Apr    Luton Town 0 Liverpool 1 (Johnston) *Peter Brackley + Barcelona 3 Gothenburg 0 [EC SF L2] poss off-tube, TVT also bills Real Madrid v Inter Milan
23/Apr    Internationals
30/Apr    Leicester City 0 Liverpool 2 (Rush,Whelan) *Gerry Harrison
               Oxford United 1 (Phillips) Everton 0 *Martin Tyler
               West Ham United 2 (Dickens, Stewart(pen)) Ipswich Town 1 (Wilson) *John Helm (Brian Moore presented)

Brian Moore on 29th January 1986 & a live broadcast on 5th March 1986 hosted by Elton Welsby

Season 1986/87
27/Aug    No football scheduled
02/Sep    Southampton 2 (Clarke, Wallace) Tottenham Hotpsur 0 *Tony Gubba, brief highlights shown following night
03/Sep    Leicester City 2 (McAllister, Osman) Liverpool 1 (Dalglish) *John Motson (not listed in his book, but was on "Sportsnight" and repeated on ESPN)
                    Continuity clip also mentions 'brief highlights' of Charlton 0 Wimbledon 1 (played previous day) but this was just a report
10/Sep    Internationals
17/Sep    Glasgow Rangers 4 (Fleck 3, McCoist) Ilves Tampere 0 [UEFA Cup R1 L1] *Brian Moore
               Hearts 3 (Foster, Clark, Robertson) Dulka Prague 2 (Fitzl, Klucky) [UEFA Cup R1 L1] *Martin Tyler, probably shown as 2nd game as Guardian billed  two British clubs
24/Sep    Brighton & Hove Albion 0 Nottingham Forest 0 [League Cup R2 1L] *Brian Moore
01/Oct    Dundee United 2 Lens 0 *Archie MacPherson
               Sion 3 Aberdeen 0 *Derek Rae
                    + goals from Linfield and a report on the future of English clubs in Europe with Tony Gubba
               2nd Half LIVE - Wrexham 4 Zurrieq 0 [ECWC R1 L2] *S4C, 8:25-9:15pm, Wrexham win 7-0 on agg, BBC incl brief highlights with Terence O'Donoghue comm.
08/Oct    Chelsea 3 (Sbragia(og), Dixon, McAllistair) York City 0 [League Cup R2 2L] *Martin Tyler
               Nottingham Forest 3 (Carr 2, Pearce(pen)) Brighton & Hove Albion 0 [League Cup R2 2L] *Brian Moore
                    Also a feature on Gary Lineker at Barcelona (TVTimes billed full coverage of Real Madrid v Barcelona with Brian Moore but for whatever reason this did not happen)
15/Oct    Internationals
22/Oct    Celtic 1 (Johnson) Dynamo Kiev 1 (Yevlushenko) [European Cup R2 L1] *Archie Macpherson
29/Oct    Watford 2 (Jackett(pen), Bardsley) West Ham United 3 (Goddard, Dickens, Ward) [League Cup R3] *Brian Moore
               Derby County 1 (Harbey) Aston Villa 1 (Daley) [League Cup R3] *Martin Tyler (+ goals from several internationals)
05/Nov   Juventus 1 Real Madrid 0 [EC R2 L2] AET *Brian Moore (the lead game despite no UK involvement), Real Madrid through on pens
               Wrexham 2 (Massey, Buxton) Real Zaragoza 2 (Yanez 2) [ECWC R2 L2] *Martin Tyler, AET, 2-2 agg, Wrexham lose on away goals
               Nottingham Forest 1 (Clough) Crystal Palace 0 [League Cup R3 Replay] *John Helm
                    Dynamo Kiev 3 Celtic 1 [E R2 L2] *Gerry Harrison (off tube? Jock Brown was off-tube for STV), Kiev win 4-2 on agg
12/Nov   Internationals
19/Nov   Norwich City 1 (Barham) Everton 4 (Sheedy, Sharp, Steven, Heath) [League Cup R4] *Barry Davies
               Coventry City 0 Liverpool 0 [League Cup R4] *Tony Gubba (+report on Bradford v Forest)
26/Nov   Cambridge United 1 (Cooper) Tottenham Hotspur 3 (C.Allen, Close, Waddle) [League Cup R4] *Martin Tyler
               Liverpool 3 (Molby 3(3pens)) Coventry City 1 (Bennett) [League Cup R4 Replay] *Brian Moore
               Glasgow Rangers 1 Borussia Monchengladbach 1 [UEFA Cup R3 L1] *Peter Brackley
03/Dec    Sportsnight had a feature on Arsenal's centenary and a report on Pat Jennings' testimonial in Belfast.
09/Dec    Indoor football from Manchester, Tuesday night on BBC2 11:35pm-12:!5am
10/Dec    Hajduk Split 0 Dundee United 0 [UEFA Cup R3 L2] *Archie MacPherson (brief), Dundee Utd through 2-0 on agg
               Borussia Monchengladbach 0 Rangers 0 [UEFA Cup R3 L2] *Alistair Alexander, Rangers lose on away goals
               Celtic 1 Liverpool 1 [Dubai Cup] *Played previous day, Barry Davies, Liverpool won on pens
                    Indoor football from Manchester
17/Dec    No football scheduled
24/Dec    No football scheduled
31/Dec    No football scheduled
07/Jan     No football scheduled
14/Jan     *FA Cup R3 Replays scheduled for ITV but none played
21/Jan     Everton 0 Liverpool 1 (Rush) [League Cup QF] *Barry Davies, Jim Beglin carried off with a broken leg
               Arsenal 2 (Nicholas, Hayes) Nottingham Forest 0 [League Cup QF] *John Motson
27/Jan     West Ham Utd 1 (Cottee) Tottenham Hotpsur 1 (C.Allen) [League Cup QF] *Brian Moore, tx Tuesday, replaced "Fightnight" as a late change in at least some regions, probably networked
               Southampton 1 (Clarke(pen)) Shrewsbury Town 0 [League Cup QF] *Martin Tyler
28/Jan     Luton Town 3 (B.Stein, Harford(pen), Newell) Liverpool 0 [FA Cup R3 2nd Replay] *Brian Moore
04/Feb    Sheffield Wednesday 3 (Chapman, Abel(og), Bradshaw) Chester City 1 (Bennett) [FA Cup R4 Replay] *Tony Gubba
               Queens Park Rangers 2 (Fenwick, Byrne) Luton Town 1 (Harford) [FA Cup R4 Replay] *John Motson
11/Feb    Southampton 0 Liverpool 0 [League Cup SF L1] *Barry Davies
18/Feb    Internationals
24/Feb    Watford 4 (Jackett(pen), Blissett, Barnes 2) Walsall 4 (Cross, Christie 2, Hawker) [FA Cup R5 Replay] *Brian Moore, Tuesday MWSS
25/Feb    Liverpool 3 (Whelan, Dalglish, Molby) Southampton 0 [League Cup SF 2L] *3-0 on agg, Brian Moore. Two Midweek Sports Specials this week
               West Ham United 0 Sheffield Wednesday 2 (Chapman, Bradshaw) [FA Cup R5 Replay] *Martin Tyler
02/Mar    Walsall 0 Watford 1 (Dornan(og)) [FA Cup R5 2nd Replay] *Monday night, Central & Thames only "Football Special" 11:40pm-12:30am, Peter Brackley
04/Mar    Tottenham Hotspur 1 (C.Allen) Arsenal 2 (Allinson, Rocastle) [League Cup SF Replay] *Brian Moore
                Dundee United 1 (Gallacher) Barcelona 0 [UEFA Cup QF L1] *Martin Tyler, Utd won 2nd leg 2-1
10/Mar    Arsenal 0 Liverpool 0 *John Motson, Tuesday night "Sportsnight Special"
18/Mar    Barcelona 1 (Caldere) Dundee United 2 (Clark, Ferguson) [UEFA Cup QF L2] *Archie MacPherson, Dundee Utd win 3-1 on agg
                Liverpool 2 (Rush 2) Queens Park Rangers 1 (Fillery) *Barry Davies
25/Mar    Newcastle United 1 (Goddard) Tottenham Hotpsur 1 (Hoddle) *Martin Tyler
                Aston Villa 1 (Hunt) Watford 1 (Falco) *Brian Moore (+goals from Leicester v QPR)
01/Apr     Internationals
08/Apr     Dundee United 0 Borussia Munchengladbach 0 [UEFA Cup SF L1] *Barry Davies
15/Apr     Manchester City 1 (McNab(pen)) Tottenham Hotpsur 1 (Claesen) *John Motson
20/Apr    *Granada region had Easter Monday "Big Match" scheduled for 5:05-6pm but was cancelled due to industrial action (Man Utd v Liverpool)
22/Apr     Borussia Munchengladbach 0 Dundee United 2 (Ferguson, Redford) [UEFA Cup SF L2]
29/Apr     Internationals
06/May    Coventry City 1 (Gynn) Manchester United 1 (Whiteside) *John Motson
                     UEFA Cup Final L1
13/May    ECWC Final
14/May    Ipswich Town 0 Charlton Athletic 0 [Play Off SF L1] *Anglia only, Gerry Harrison for Thursday "Anglia Soccer Special" (late change)

The 1986/87 titles & Nick Owen presenting the 24th September edition.

Season 1987/88
19/Aug    No football scheduled
26/Aug    No football scheduled
02/Sep    No football scheduled
09/Sep    Internationals
16/Sep    Dinamo Kiev 1 (Mykhaylychenko(pen)) Glasgow Rangers 0 [European Cup R1 L1] *Brian Moore
               Merthyr Tydfil 2 (Rogers, C.Williams) Atalanta 1 (Progna) [ECWC R1 1L] *Hugh Johns (S4C had coverage from 6:55-7:45pm), Merthyr lost 2nd leg 2-0.
                    Also showed Real Madrid 2 (Michel, De Napoli) Napoli 0 [EC R1 L1], Martin Tyler
23/Sep    Blackburn Rovers 1 (Sellars) Liverpool 1 (Nicol) [League Cup R2 1L] *Martin Tyler
               Reading 3 (Gilkes 2, Hicks) Chelsea 1 (Durie(pen)) [League Cup R2 1L] *Brian Moore
30/Sep    Atalanta 2 Merthyr Tydil 0 [ECWC R1 L2] *LIVE on BBC1 Wales from 6:40pm, highlights on "Sportsnight", Terrence O'Donoguhe &Peter Jackson
             Glasgow Rangers 2 Dinamo Kiev 0 [European Cup R1 L2] *Barry Davies
               + Napoli 1 Real Madrid 1 off-tube with Motson, also Linfield goals
07/Oct    Tottenham Hotspur 3 (Claesen 2, Cole(og)) Torquay United 0 [League Cup R2 L2] *John Motson (Spurs win 3-1 on agg)
               Derby County 0 Southend United 0 [League Cup R2 L2) *Barry Davies (Southend win 1-0 on agg)
14/Oct    Internationals
21/Oct    Glasgow Rangers 3 Gornik Zabrze 1 [European Cup R2 L1] *Brian Moore
                    probably Barcelona 2 Dynamo Moscow 0 with Tyler & an off-tube of Real Madrid 4 Porto 2 [EC] with Helm as well
28/Oct    Liverpool 0 Everton 1 (Stevens) [League Cup R3] *Martin Tyler
               Aston Villa 2 (Mcinally, Aspinall) Tottenham Hotspur 1 (Ardiles) [League Cup R3]*Alan Parry
               Wimbledon 2 (Fashanu, Gibson) Newcastle United 1 (McDonald) [League Cup R3] *Brian Moore
04/Nov    Wimbledon 1 (Fairweather) Liverpool 1 (Houghton) *John Motson
                Oldham Athletic 4 (Keeley, Williams, Irwin, Wright) Leeds United 2 (Snodin, Taylor) [League Cup R3 Replay] *AET, Gerald Sinstadt
                Feyenoord 1 (Hoekstra) Aberdeen 0 [UEFA Cup R2 L2] *Barry Davies (2-2 agg Feyenoord through on away goals)
11/Nov    Internationals
17/Nov    Manchester City 3 (White 2, Stewart) Watford 1 (Allen) [League Cup R4] *John Motson, shown following night on "Sportsnight"
18/Nov    Manchester United 2 (Whiteside, McClair) Bury 1 (Hoyland) [League Cup R4] *Scheduled for Gigg Lane but moved to Old Trafford, Tony Gubba
                Aston Villa 1 (Thompson) Sheffield Wednesday 2 (West, Chapman) [League Cup R4] *Barry Davies
                      *programme interrupted twice for Kings Cross Fire reports
25/Nov    Everton 3 (Sharp 2, Heath) Bayern Munich 1 (Hughes) [FL Centenary Friendly] *Barry Davies
02/Dec     No football scheduled
07-09/Dec  *Guinness Soccer Six from Manchester with Motson and Gubba, shown Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday night
        Glasgow Ranges 2 Everton 2 [Dubai Cup] *Barry Davies (Rangers won on pens), played on 8th but not shown until Saturday on "Grandstand" (4:30-4:40pm)
16/Dec     International
23/Dec     No football scheduled
28/Dec     Manchester United 2 (McClair 2(1pen)) Everton 1 (Watson) *John Motson, Bank Holiday Monday MOTD
                Tottenham Hotspur 2 (Waddle, Fairclough) West Ham United 1 (Hilton) *Tony Gubba
                      *Wimbledon 3 Arsenal 1 listed in Motson's MOTD book, but it was only a voiced over report.
06/Jan     No football scheduled
13/Jan     Everton 1 (Sharp) Sheffield Wednesday 1 (Chapman) [FA Cup R3 Replay] *Alan Parry
               Norwich City 0 Swindon Town 2 (Bamber 2) [FA Cup R3 Replay] *brief single camera coverage with Gerry Harrison commentary
                    Possibly also Middlesbrough 1 Sutton United 0 *?Brian Moore?, played on Tuesday
20/Jan     Oxford United 2 (Saunders, Briggs) Manchester United 0 [League Cup QF] *Barry Davies
               Sheffield Wednesday 0 Arsenal 1 (Winterburn) [League Cup QF] *John Motson
               Everton 2 (Heath, Sharp) Manchester City 0 [League Cup QF] *Tony Gubba
25/Jan     Everton 1 (Steven) Sheffield Wednesday 1 (Chapman) [FA Cup R3 2nd Replay] *Alan Parry (+ 3 min John Helm report Hudd'fld 0 Man C. 3 [R3 2ndRe])
27/Jan     Sheffield Wednesday 0 Everton 5 (Sharp 3, Heath, Snodin) [FA Cup R3 3rd Replay] *Alan Parry
03/Feb    Middlesbrough 2 (Mowbray, Kernaghan) Everton 2 (Watson, Steven) [FA Cup R4 Replay] *Brian Moore
               Manchester City 2 (Stewart, Simpson) Blackpool 1 (Deary) [FA Cup R4 Replay] *Martin Tyler
10/Feb    Oxford United 1 (Saunders(pen)) Luton Town 1 (Stein) [League Cup SF L1] *John Motson
17/Feb    No football scheduled
24/Feb    Arsenal 3 (Thomas, Rocastle, Smith) Everton 1 (Heath) [League Cup SF 2L] *Brian Moore, Arsenal win 4-1 on agg
02/Mar    LIVE - Steaua Bucharest 2 Glasgow Rangers 0 [European Cup QF L1] *Live at 12:55-3pm, Martin Tyler (STV/Grampian had Jock Brown), highlights on MWSS
                    *Also 2 mins or so of Reading 1 Coventry 1 [Full Members SF], Reading won on pens
09/Mar    No football scheduled
16/Mar    Derby County 1 (Forsyth) Liverpool 1 (Johnston) *John Motson
               Glasgow Rangers 2 (Gough, McCoist(pen)) Steaua Bucharest 1 (Lacatus) [European Cup QF L2] *Souness infamous boot into opponents groin.
23/Mar    Internationals
30/Mar    Nottingham Forest 2 (Clough 2) Derby County 1 (Foster(og)) *Barry Davies
04/Apr     Liverpool 3 (Beardsley, Gillespie, McMahon) Manchester United 3 (Robson 2, Strachan) *John Motosn (MOTD on Easter Monday)
                Portsmouth 0 Nottingham Forest 1 (Wilson) *Barry Davies
06/Apr     [European SF L1]
13/Apr     Liverpool 5 (Houghton, Aldridge 2, Gillespie, Beardsley) Nottingham Forest 0 *John Motson
20/Apr     PSV Eindhoven 0 Real Madrid 0 [European SF L2] *1-1 agg, PSV through on away goals
                Norwich City 0 Liverpool 0 *Martin Tyler
25/Apr     Blackburn Rovers 0 Swindon Town 0 *Monday night (important promotion clash), Martin Tyler, Granada & Central only
27/Apr     Internationals
04/May    UEFA Cup Final L1
11/May    ECWC Final, also a report on Liverpool v Luton played on Monday.
18/May    Chelsea 4 (K.Wilson 2, Dixon, Durie) Blackburn Rovers 1 (Sellars) [Play Off SF 2L] *Martin Tyler, Chelsea win 6-1 on agg
                Middlesbrough 2 (Slaven, Hamilton) Bradford City 0 [Play Off SF 2L] *John Helm, Boro win 3-2 on agg
                     UEFA Cup Final L2
25/May    Middlesbrough 2 (Senior, Slaven) Chelsea 0 [Play Off Final L1] *Tony Gubba (Boro went on to win 2-1 on agg)
                     European Cup Final

Nick Owen presenting the 27th January 1988 FA Cup highlights

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