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Recent 1968-83 Updates

November 2018:- Another ITV upload here of a Wales v England which again uses BBC score captions, this time from 18/Apr/1970, so presumably Ninian Park could only accommodate one OB unit., the captions at the beginning are ITV's own however...... The commentator on 29/May/1974 East Germany v England match was Hugh Johns and not Brian Moore, a recording of pre-match crowd shots and the national anthems here reveals Hugh Johns chatting to production staff at the 2 minute mark (Thanks to Robert Pedley!!!)..... A preview of the 20/Sep/1980 edition of The Big Match here voiced by Jim Rosenthal helps fill in the missing 2nd/3rd games which were Forest v Leicester and Ipswich v Coventry.  Rosenthal's reference to the main game putting a smile back on the face of football probably relates to three serious incidents earlier that month, West Ham fans causing trouble in Spain resulting in them having to play the return leg behind closed doors, a full scale riot at Oldham v Sheffield Wednesday on the 6th following an incident in which Simon Stainrod got Terry Curran sent off, holding up the game for 20 minutes as police tried to restore order, and worst of all a 17 year old Middlesbrough supporter kicked to death by Nottingham Forest hooligans outside Ayresome Park on the same day...... Sad to hear of the death of another ITV commentator from the 68-83 period, the voice of Central TV coverage Peter Brackley died on 14th October in hospital at the age of 67 after a short illness.

RIP Peter Brackley

October 2018:- A curious upload here of 11/May/1974 Wales v England  has Hugh Johns commentating but with BBC graphics, the TVTimes listed Brian Moore as commentator but surely Johns was not commentating for the other side. This must be a case of the two channels sharing the same pictures which could have been for a couple of reasons, ITV experiencing technical issues with vision or even a power saving exercise at the time of the energy crisis........ Another entry for the Extra time page is The Rules of the Game broadcast on 19/Sep/1971,  the ATV series covered the basics of a range of different sports and the first edition -  on 'soccer' - featured presenter Billy Wright with several Wolves players and their coach Sammy Chung. (Thanks to David Rhodes for spotting those!!!)

RIP Kevin Beattie

August 2018: John Helm recently gave an interview to Sheffield Live TV on 24/May/2018 in which he revealed “I nearly went to Germany in ’74. I got a phone call from ITV to say 'Could you make yourself available to come over? One of our commentators has been misbehaving and might get sent home.’ So I was on the bench. Anyway, he behaved himself, so I had to wait until 1978.” Helm covered the 1978 World Cup for BBC Radio. You can watch the interview here, the 74 World cup is mentioned at the 2:45mins mark. (Thanks Mike!!!)....... An early example here of a BBC regional match from 1969/70 and one of Idwal Robling's very first commentaries, Southampton v Chelsea from 23/Aug/1969 shown in the South & West area (Thanks Peter!!!).............. A partial edition of Star Games has turned up from 04/Nov/1980 and includes the six-a-side football section with Gerald Sinstadt commentating, see 24:30 mins in here...... The Clough/Revie programme mentioned last month has just been uploaded to ITV News' youtube channel here.

RIP Alan Gilzean & Paul Madeley

July 2018:- On 04/Jul/2018 BBC1 are screening Barry Davies: The Man, The Voice, The Legend at 10:45pm, the former ABC and Granada commentator retires after this year's Wimbledon Tennis Championships.
Edit [05/Jul/2018] BBC Scotland showed a documentary Scotland 78: A Love Story on 06/Jun/2008, there's still a few weeks to catch it on iplayer here (Thanks James!!!)

RIP Ernie Hunt

June 2018:- A 75 minute documentary on Kenny Dalglish was shown on BBC1 on 26th May, the iplayer link is here.......  Ahead of Leeds' 1975 appearance in the European Cup final, Yorkshire TV showed a special half-hour programme on Friday 23rd May at 10:40pm examining the clubs' step by step progress to the final. (Thanks to David Rhodes for spotting that one!!!)....... A John Craven's Newsround edition here from 23/Nov/1978 reports on the 'Snatch of the day' by ITV of an exclusive highlights deal which was successfully challenged by the BBC..... The BBC marked the retirement of John Motson with a 'Motty Night' on Saturday 19th May including a documentary The Man Behind The Sheepskin here...... It's 40 years ago this month that the World Cup was held in Argentina and our TV Set site marks the anniversary by displaying what was being broadcast in June 1978 every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday throughout the tournament on all three channels, the sequence is repeated in early July to coincide with the latter stages of the 2018 World Cup. I've recreated basic Ceefax (on BBC1) and ITV Oracle pages for the TV listings, the day's fixtures and results and also the top ten singles on Ceefax for the corresponding week the games were being played. Go here and refresh or F5 the page for the latest version. You can access Ceefax/Oracle by pressing on the 'text' button below the set. which takes a couple of seconds to load up,  and then you can use your keyboard to select the page numbers.

RIP Ray Wilson

May 2018:- Another 70s/80s football documentary was shown on ITV4 on 28/Mar/2018, Footballs Foreign Legion, the programme looked back at imports into the English game, mostly focussing on Ossie Ardiles, Ricky Villa, Arnold Muhren and Frans Thijssen, see the press release here. Sadly it's no longer available on ITV player but there probably will be a repeat at some point (Thanks James!!!)....... The BBC schools programme Scene mentioned previously on this page, featuring apprentice footballers at Liverpool and first shown on 13/Jan/1972,  is now available in full here and the 25/Mar/1982 edition of the same series "Don't Shoot the Ref" is here........More Big Game highlights from the Yorkshire region, 31/Oct/1981 Rotherham v Chelsea is here and there's also an upload here of 27/Mar/1982 Rotherham United v QPR in which three players were sent off, both recordings include the full intros and post match chat......And finally, on Cup final day, 19th May, our TV Set site follows the listings for cup final day 1971 on all three channels, this being the year in which viewers in northern Scotland were denied access to either the Scottish or English finals. All relevant early 1970s station clocks, test cards, startup sequences and captions will appear throughout the day.

April 2018:- A couple of uploads from the 15/05/1976 World of Sport post-match broadcast of Scotland v England are here and here, Brian Moore - in his autobiography - mentioned that Dickie Davies collapsed as the credits rolled after presenting from Hampden Park one year, this could possibly be it as Dickie does appear to be struggling towards the end. There's also footage from after the 22/May/1971 clash here. The long doubted 05/Jan/1982 FA Cup R3 Notts County 0 Aston Villa 6 with Nick Owen commentating was apparently shown on MWSS and the Notts manager Jimmy Sirrel was brave enough to face the cameras afterwards (Thanks to Mike Stirde for those!!!)....... And finally ITV4 have just broadcast a two part documentary When English Football Ruled Europe, you can catch the episodes here (Thanks James!!!)

RIP Ray Wilkins

March 2018:- The 31/Jan/1969 London Weekend For the Record documentary on George Best narrated by Michael Parkinson has turned up on youtube, broadcast in black & white it was made in colour and you can watch it here (Thanks Danny!!!)..... The full FA Cup QF programme from 17/Mar/1973 is here including Derby County v Leeds United and Wolverhampton Wanderers v Coventry City. all regions - seemingly with the exception of ATV - showed this presentation that weekend (Thanks Brian!!!).......... Some partial recordings of Yorkshire's The Big Game have also turned up featuring Barnsley in action from 1981, the first includes 14/Feb and 28/Mar here with the programme retaining the Football Special Keith Mansfield theme tune and the 2nd upload is from 14/Nov/1981 with a new theme tune and John Helm now presenting as well as commentating. The first ever edition of Central News on 01/Jan/1982 includes Gary Newbon interviewing Jasper Carrott around the 43:00 minute mark with Jasper letting slip that Birmingham City v Ipswich Town would be Central's first featured game, something which they were not allowed to pre-announce is those days (Thanks to Mike for those!!!)....... And finally you can relive the Easter 1977 television schedules at our TV set site over the weekend break starting on Friday 30th March through to closedown on Easter Monday, refresh/F5 that page for the latest version which now includes HTV Wales as an additional regional option.

February 2018: - Another Star Soccer closing sequence has been uploaded to youtube, this one from 27/Dec/1980. Also a trailer for World of Sport - including football references - from 19/Jan/1979 following the Friday night News at Ten here.

RIP Tommy Lawrence,  Cyrille Regis & Jimmy Armfield

January 2018:- A fantastic upload to youtube of the first hour of BBC1's live broadcast of the 06/Jun/1973 Poland v England match here including pre-match chat with Jimmy Hill marking his return to the BBC alongside Brian Clough and Bob Wilson, a year before he got the job of presenting Football Focus, you also get to hear a good quality audio of the 13/Nov/1971 to 11/Oct/1975 Grandstand theme at the start, composed by Barry Stoller who of course was responsible for the 1970-present day Match of the Day theme........ Co-commentator for the 13/Jun/1979 live ITV friendly between Austria and England was Bobby Robson, not Jack Charlton (Thanks Dan!!!)........ One for the Extra Time page lists, a series of four 25 minute programmes broadcast just outside of the parameters of this site, though very possibly filmed during the 1982/83 season, was Refereeing narrated by John Motson and screened in October/November 1983 in a Monday teatime slot on BBC2 (Thanks to David Rhodes!!!).............. An RTE documentary on Johnny Giles is here (thanks Brian!!!)..........The last minute and a half of the 20/Dec/1980 edition of Star Soccer has turned up on youtube here.........And finally it's ten years ago this month that I began putting the site together, initially intending to do no more than upload a page on Star Soccer in the Midlands as an offshoot of Notts on the Box, many thanks to all of the many people who have contributed over the last decade and made the site what it is today.

December 2017:- Playing around with SVG graphics, I've managed to recreate the 1970's results service for both BBC Final Score and ITV's World of Sport using dynamic text which updates each week with scores based on actual First Division results from the 1974-1980 period, including matches that were postponed and the pools values. You can view them on the TV set page here by pressing 'BBC1' or 'ITV' on Saturdays from around 4:51pm until 5pm (refresh/F5 the page if you have the old version cached). The TV set will follow the Christmas 1978 into New Year 1979 schedules from the 23rd December until 5th January as the Xmas dates in 2017 fall on the same days of the week as 1978/79. The pre-Christmas Saturday saw all three channels suffer strike action which took both Grandstand and World of Sport off the air with most ITV regions showing "Battle of the Bulge" instead whilst the BBC channels were blacked out altogether until mid-afternoon. The following day LWT were unable to broadcast The Big Match and many regions ended up screening ATV's Star Soccer instead, Yorkshire were unable to cover a game of their own all month.
Two new vintage football related documentaries have been broadcast in the last month - ITV4 showed a documentary on Football Stickers. Stuck On You on 14/Nov/2017, catch that here (Thanks James!!!)........ On Sunday 12th November 2017 BBC Two Scotland broadcast a 90 minute documentary on Bill Shankly, it will be available on iplayer until mid-December, the link is here..... A trailer for the 19/Jan/1983 edition of Midweek Sports Special here.

November 2017: - Another football related edition of the BBC schools series Scene went out on 25/Mar/1982 subtitled "Don't Shoot the Ref", note that this was not the programme broadcast under a similar title in 1976 featuring Jack Taylor, the 1982 Scene programme included action shot at Ayresome Park which was repeated a few times, the most recent being on 01/Nov/1985 (Thanks to Robin Rance!!!).... An additional regional game included on the 01/Nov/1969 edition of The Big Match was Brighton v Fulham with Simon Smith commentating (Thanks Alan!!!)....... Last month on 08/Oct/2017 BBC1 screened a 1 hour 4 minute documentary "Sit Bobby Charlton at 80", you might still be able to catch it here (Thanks James!!!)

September 2017: - The BBC's Watney Cup Soccer Special on 04/Aug/1971 included a 2nd match, Colchester United v Carlisle United, this was mentioned as having been shown in the Dundee Evening Telegraph, the same paper also confirms that highlights of Wales v Romania was shown on 11/Nov/1970 (Thanks Ronnie!!!).......Another new entry for the Extra Time page: The BBC schools series Scene included a programme on Liverpool apprentices with contributions from Bill Shankly was first broadcast on 13/Jan/1972 when schools programmes were still being produced in black & white, it was repeated in 1976 and this will be the source of an off-air recording, the first minute of which you can view here.

August 2017:-  Big Match regional games missing from our lists include 05/Sep/1970 - YTV action of Leeds United v Chelsea was shown as well as Granada highlights. For 05/Oct/1974 just the one extra game was shown, Tyne Tees highlights of Sunderland v Oxford United (Thanks Edward!!!) Also for 18/Dec/1976 YTV's Sheffield United v Bristol Rovers was the 2nd game and on 05/Feb/1977 Middlesbrough v Tottenham Hotspur was the 2nd game using the Yorkshire commentary rather than Tyne Tees (Thanks James!!!)........ On 04/Aug/1969 BBC1 broadcast "I Want To Be - A Footballer" in the afternoon children's slot, this programme included young West Ham trainies with Ron Greenwood....... ITV 1970 World Cup titles have finally found their way onto youtube here and here and there's some very rare 1970s World of Sport footage from 19/May/1973 here.

New Series of "The Big Match Revisited" on BT Sport 2
began 10th July 2017

1) 21/Aug/1976 Tranmere Rovers v Chester, Arsenal v Bristol City and Ipswich Town v Tottenham Hotspur
2) 01/Oct/1976 Brighton v Crystal Palace, Leeds v Manchester United and Southampton v Fulham
3)  09/Oct/1976  Nottingham Forrest v Sheffield United, Bury v Brighton and Charlton v Hull
4) 23/Oct/1976 Leicester v Arsenal, QPR v Sunderland and Luton v Southampton
5) 30/Oct/1976 West Brom v West Ham, Bristol Rovers v Charlton and Tottenham v Everton
 6) 20/Nov/1976 Leicester v Manchester United, Fulham v Notts County and Ipswich v Leeds
7) 11/Dec/1976 Liverpool v QPR, Chelsea v Wolves and Leeds v Aston Villa
8)  18/Dec/1976 Arsenal v Manchester United, Middlesbrough v Tottenham Hotspur and Burnley v Millwall
9) 01/Jan/1977 Tottenham v West Ham, Liverpool v Sunderland and Norwich v Leicester
10) 05/Feb/1977 Liverpool v Birmingham and Fulham v Charlton
11) 19/Feb/1977 Manchester United v Newcastle, Arsenal v West Ham and Hull v Bolton
12) 26/Feb/1977 Liverpool v Oldham, Southampton v Man Utd and Middlesbrough v Arsenal
13) 05/Mar/1977 Manchester Utd v Manchester City, Chelsea v Blackpool and Sunderland v West Ham
14) 02/Apr/1977 West Ham v Everton and Rotherham v Crystal Palace
15) 09/Apr/1977 Liverpool v Manchester City, Chelsea v Luton and Leeds v Sunderland
16) 16/Apr/1977 Tottenham v Sunderland, Norwich v Bristol City and Newcastle v West Ham
17) 23/Apr/1977 Leeds United v Manchester United [FA Cup]
18) 30/Apr/1977 Liverpool v Ipswich, Chelsea v Sheffield United and Leeds v Bristol City
19) 07/May/1977 Wolves v Chelsea, Manchester City v Tottenham and West Ham v Derby
20)  14/May/1977 Bolton v Wolves, Chelsea v Hull and Colchester United v Bradford City

RT link

July 2017:- A missing Southern match from our lists was, according to the News of the World listings, 30/Dec/1978 Brighton & Hove Albion 2 Newcastle United 0..... In 1971 the BBC and Leeds United agreed a £10,000 deal to show the Fairs Cup Final 2nd leg *live*, however the FA blocked it - as well as highlights - because ITV were showing the European Cup final live the previous day. The BBC ended up using the game as a test run for a new TV commentator, John Motson (Thanks Brian!!!)........... The 26/Jan/1980 FA Cup edition of The Big Match curiously had Swindon Town v Tottenham Hotspur as its' main game, about 25 minutes worth, despite being a goalless draw. The local match between Arsenal and Brighton was shown last and only a few minutes, yet the Gunners won this tie 2-0. (Thanks to Simon Bayliss!!!)..... The 06/Dec/1980 LWT match between Chelsea and Swansea City was not the main feature in London that weekend because it was such a poor game,, a Chelsea supporter got in touch to say "I was at the game and it was the worst league match I've ever seen. Brian Moore explained the brevity of highlights from what was supposed to be the main game. They then showed between a minute and a half and two minutes from Stamford Bridge, after which Moore said to camera 'And that's it, those were all the highlights we could manage' or words very much to that effect. (Thanks to Eddie Hutchinson!!!)....... No further details of BT Sport's Revisited plans mentioned last month yet, but I now have a strong feeling that there will only be one new series - probably the latter half of 1976/77 <rather than 1977/78> which was rumoured to have been prepared for screening on ITV4 several years ago, whilst the other two series may in fact turn out to be repeats of the 1983 and 1979 episodes.

June 2017:- Apparently BT Sport are planning to screen three new series of The Big Match Revisited in the near future, starting with the 1983/84 season but then going back to 1979/80 and 1977/78 (Thanks to Martin Taylor!!!)........ The Sheffield Star Green 'Un says that YTV covered Huddersfield Town v Stoke City on 01/Jan/1972, agreeing with The Sunday Times and Swindon Pink, so it looks as though the World of Sport Almanac is wrong to list Sheffield United v Leicester City. The YTV tape log only has the Tyne Tees match goals but there were no goals scored at Huddersfield so the TT game was probably Yorkshire's 2nd match. The same paper also lists Middlesbrough v Norwich City for Tyne Tees on 15/Apr/1972, Norwich were top at the time, though there is still some doubt on this one as it was FA Cup SF weekend which usually had a networked programme. (Thanks Brian!!!).......... Another live Match Time trailer on Yorkshire TV, this one from 16th October 1982 with Elton Welsby and Denis Law is here.

RIP David Bobin (Southern commentator)

May 2017:- We have an additional Tyne Tees page uploaded this month, interviews with Shoot presenter George Taylor and 1973/74 season commentator David Taylor, go here (Many thanks to John Bourn for those!!!)..... During the 1974 World Cup, Alf Ramsey did two live co-commentaries for ITV in a single day on 26th June, West Germany v Yugoslavia in Dusseldorf and The Netherlands v Argentina in Gelsenkirchen (Thanks to Rob Howell!!!)...... A nice series of Leeds United uploads from the 'Wilderness Years 1975-1988' includes a rare clip of Wolves v Leeds in the 1977 FA Cup QF with Brian Moore commentating here (Thanks Brian!!!)...... The 2nd and 3rd games on the 19/Apr/1973 edition of The Big Match were Liverpool v Leicester City and Cambridge United v Mansfield Town (Thanks Edward!!!)..... A great shame to see Orient drop out of the league, a link here to better days v Manchester United on 17/Aug/1974 when an injured linesman was replaced by spectator for the last 4 minutes (Thanks James!!!)

April 2017:- A Saturday night preview of the 25/Sep/1982 edition of Match Time from the Granada studios, before an ITN bulletin, is included in this Yorkshire TV continuity clip [The YTV region were taking Granada's football programmes that season]....... The 11/Mar/1978 FA Cup QF between Wrexham and Arsenal was HTV coverage, not Granada as previously thought, the original footage has HTV graphics on it (Thanks Dan!!!)........ A long list of 1980-1988 BBC Sportsnight updates, confirmations and corrections can be viewed in this docx file (Thanks to Harry Coleman!!!)

RIP Tommy Gemmell and Ronnie Moran

March 2017:- A complete edition of On The Ball from 16/Apr/1983 has turned up on youtube here (Thanks Steve!!!)...... The ATV match for 08/Feb/1975 has been brought into question. Typically, it's the one edition that season with no ITC reel logged to confirm which fixture was shown, we had Wolves 1 Arsenal 0 listed but the Glasgow Evening News pink says that Derby 0 Leeds 0 was going to be the 2nd game on Scotsport that weekend and it's also listed for ATV in the Swindon Football Pink... The same Swindon paper adds further details/confusion to several Tyne Tees Shoot broadcasts circa 1971-1972 and also lists a bunch of Welsh opt-out MOTD games from the same period which I've added to the the Extra Time page  (Thanks to Mark Jones for those!!!)

February 2017:- Additional information on ITV commentators and presenters and what they did afterwards is here (thanks to James Minifie!!!).

RIP Graham Taylor, Gerry Gow, Paul Futcher and Gary Sprake

January 2017:- Some early 1980s footage of Ipswich Town in action on Anglia’s Match Of The Week can be found on this Youtube channel, the Ipswich v Stoke upload from 31/Jan/1981 includes the half-time break caption using the same music heard on Anglia's football output until 1987. the videos also reveal that Anglia took Hugh Johns’ commentary when showing ATV coverage of Birmingham 2 Ipswich 3 as its' main game on 03/Jan/1982 and Brian Moore’s commentary when showing LWT coverage of Charlton 2 Ipswich 3 on 08/Jan/1983.....  According to the Guardian/Observer reports of the time, there was an industrial dispute at LWT over Christmas 1978 which took World Of Sport off the air on December 23rd and was the reason for the cancellation of that weekend’s edition of The Big Match. (Thanks to Mike Whalley for those!!!)...... Sheffield United's 1968/69 goals from the Millwall, Preston North End, and Bury matches can be seen on this youtube video (Thanks John!!!)..... And BT Sport continue to show archive highlights ahead of the more notable Premier League fixtures, most recently the Merseyside derby (Thanks James!!!)

December 2016:- Back on 21/Sep/2016 ITV screened "Get Shirty" a very interesting documentary on 1970's football kit manufacturers Admiral, the programme was repeated on ITV4 last month and you might still be able to view it on ITV player or vimeo....... In the week before Arsenal played Tottenham Hotspur, BT showed several 'Football Rivalries' programmes. (Thanks to James for those!!!)........ Made numerous improvements to our TV set offshoot site over the past few months including a larger screen, the option to change your region, a UHF tuner, a channel switching effect, commercial break opticals, endcaps, a programme information message bar and loads of new gif animations, go here.

November 2016:- Sky Sports aired a 30 minute doumentary on George Best as part of  the "Mavericks" series on Friday 7th October at 11:00pm and BT Sport aired ITV Liverpool v Manchester United classics, some from the 1968-83 period, ahead of the October clash at Anfield, the same channel also repeated "Liverpool in the 1980's" and "Manchester United" classics previously shown on ESPN (thanks James!!!)

RIP Dave Lanning (Southern & World of Sport commentator)

October 2016:- Christmas has come early for vintage televised football fans with this youtube channel, a whole bunch of new uploads in recent weeks with full length editions of The Big Match and Granada highlights including a studio tape of the 31/Jan/1981 edition of Match Night (Thanks to Steve Williams!!!)..... Little chance of any complete Star Soccer editions turning up, but we do have some off-air clips of the 19/Dec/1976 edition recorded off-air in Australia, amongst the many adverts is the first half outro, the 2nd half intro, an extra break inserted in the 2nd half with a local Channel 7 caption and Gary Newbon signing off with the end credits, see here (Thanks to Dave Rhodes!!!)..... BT Sport are now showing repeats of Match of the Day footage from the 1968-1983 period in 30 minute slots whilst ITV4 have screened "Football Rivalries" and "World Cup Goalscorers" as short 15 minute programmes (Thanks to James Minifie!!!).

September 2016:- The first two goals of Sheffield United's YTV televised 4-0 win over Blackburn Rovers on 01/Nov/1969 were missed because of a power cut (Thanks to John Phelan who has a SUFCHistory youtube channel here)...... ITV reporter Gary Newbon had to resort to disguising himself at the 1982 European Cup final in order to get post match interviews, you can read the full story here.

August 2016:- Another complete edition of The Kick Off Match from 15/Feb/1976 has turned up on youtube here (Thanks Brian!!!)...... ITV4 have been running a series of 15 minute programmes titled "Football's Greatest", subjects have included Bobby Charlton and Johan Cruyff, the latter can be watched here (Thanks James!!!)

July 2016:- A couple of BBC football related series have been added to the Extra Time page lists - The children's drama series "Striker" began on BBC1 on 31st December 1975 and earlier that year a three part series with Ian Nairn compared the architecture of 'rival' football towns including brief looks at the grounds, "Nairn's Journeys - Football Towns" began on 19th August 1975 with Bolton and Preston, you can view that episode in full here, part two was Huddersfield and Halifax which has been partially uploaded here and part three looked at Wolverhampton and Walsall...... A 'TV football 1968-1992' twitter account here posts links to youtube clips (Thanks to Martin Taylor!!!)

June 2016:- The opening few minutes of what looks like a domestic off-air recording of the 12/Sep/1971 edition of Star Soccer includes a theme tune which is neither the guitar piece (as heard in the London franchise era) or the more familiar classic 1970's tune, you can watch/listen to it here....... The intro to ITV's 1982 FA Cup Final coverage, at 11:30am on the Saturday morning preceded by an ad for K-Tel's England World Cup LP, is here. the BBC's coverage of the replay has been uploaded in full, including pre-match, half-time and full-time chat, here, there's a rare upload of some On the Ball footage from 1982 FA Cup Quarter-finals day here and full BBC coverage of the 1983 final including more than three hours of build-up here...... Curiously, the Associated Press youtube channel includes numerous uploads of 70s football newsreels originally sourced from ITV regional coverage including the commentary, though at the time the audio would have probably been drowned out in most cases by a voice-over, watch an example here. (Thanks Brian!!!)..... And finally, we weren't previously certain which Scottish club's UEFA Cup tie was shown on the 09/Dec/1981 edition of MWSS but can now confirm that it was SV Hamburg v Aberdeen with Brian Moore commentating, at least for those south of the border - see here (Thanks Dan!!!)

May 2016: - A Westward TV film report with Chris Fear commentating rather than doing a voiceover on 31/Aug/1977 Exeter City v Aston Villa can be viewed on the BFI site here, note that the Mid-Week Match that night was Newcastle United v Millwall (Thanks Brian!!!)...... A bunch of ITV World Cup 1974 round-up/preview programmes have been uploaded to youtube by an Australia fan, you can find them on this channel (Thanks to Matt Poole for spotting those!!!)


April 2016:- Hope that everybody's found the new address after I had to move the site to a new location following Virgin Media's announcement that ntlworld and Virgin webspace will be closing down on 28th April.
For those interested in the offshoot 1968-1983 TV set, in which you can select a channel and see what might have been showing on this day of the week at this time of day, that site has now moved here with new schedules for April-June.

RIP Johan Cruijff

March 2016:- The missing 3rd game included on the 14/Nov/1970 edition of The Big Match was Yorkshire TV coverage of Middlesbrough 3 Charlton Athletic 0 and for 11/Nov/1972 Everton 2 Manchester City 2 is now confirmed as the 3rd game on that edition as previously suspected (Thanks Edward!!!)........ The closing section of the very last edition of World of Sport  on 28/Sep/1985 included a look back at 20 years of the programme which you can view here. The full length version of the 1983-1985 theme tune can now be heard on youtube here.

February 2016:-  We can now clear up the confusion over ITV's coverage of 18/Oct/1978 AEK Athens v Nottingham Forest as footage has emerged on youtube which reveals that highlights *were* broadcast on the night in black & white with Hugh Johns commentating, see here, "On the Ball" showed single-camera colour footage voiced over by Ian St John. (Thanks to FootballGaffesGalore!!!)...... Added numerous missing midweek commentators, the list is here. Originally, I left these entries blank if it was the regular regional weekend commentator covering their own patch, but that was probably a mistake as the addition of the commentator tags helps identify the games from which footage has surfaced. (Thanks Andrew!!!)

RIP Jimmy Hill

Full length Big Match / Kick Off Match programmes on youtube
21/Dec/1969 LWT The Big Match here
28/Dec/1969 LWTThe Big Match here
15/Mar/1970 LWT The Big Match here
22/Mar/1970 LWT The Big Match here
26/Aug/1972 LWT The Big Match here
04/Feb/1973 LWT The Big Match here
*NEW* 17/Mar/1973 LWT FA Cup 6th Round here
14/Apr/1973 Granada Football here
29/Dec/1973 LWT The Big Match here
12/Oct/1974 LWT The Big Match here
22/Dec/1974 LWT The Big Match here
20/Apr/1975 LWT The Big Match here
05/Oct/1975 LWT The Big Match here
07/Dec/1975 LWT The Big Match here *Loss of audio towards end
15/Feb/1976 Granada The Kick Off Match here
01/Dec/1976 The Mid-Week Match here
19/Feb/1977 LWT The Big Match here
26/Aug/1978 LWT The Big Match here
24/Sep/1978 Granada The Kick Off Match here
02/Dec/1979 Granada The Kick Off Match here
31/Jan/1981 Granada Match Night here

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